TrackWise® by Sparta Systems is an EQMS (enterprise quality management software) that works for many industries (especially regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals or Lifescience). TrackWise® optimizes quality assurance, ensures compliance with the company, reduces risk and reduces costs.

TrackWise® can flexibly map, track and manage all of the company's specific processes. This allows efficient processing of all core activities that are crucial to your success.

For example, quality assurance, complaint management or nonconformity management can be presented.

With the ability to unify individual processes in a single, integrated system,TrackWise® provides enterprise efficiency by integrating contiguous events and processes, automating workflow, and tracking trends, as well as reporting system-wide.

Trackwise fields of use

  • Management of all quality processes in a centralized database
  • Creating and managing user roles (multi-step, individualised entitlement assignment)
  • Automatic system-internal or e-mail notification of the users on project status, tasks systems and deadlines
  • Handling deviations from pre-defined process deviations (testing and measure-implementation management)
  • CAPA (Corrective Action, Preventive Action)
  • Reporting to public supervisory agencies
  • Change request and change management
  • Work flow handling, documentation and evaluation of internal and external audits
  • Risk management